Monday 9 May 2011

Catmose Campus : an Oakham update

On the way back from Barnack I diverted from the Oakham ring road to go and check how much of the Catmose Campus was open. I mapped this a few days before its scheduled opening in February, so it was good to have a simple quick mapping objective.


It proved that my quick photos taken in the rain were not a very good guide to the actual location of the building (compare with the actual GPS traces in this screen snapshot):

Catmose Campus in Potlatch2

As I walked up to the entrance to the Sports Centre I reflected that at some stage most mapping should become like this. A short stop off to grab the new details of the changed area, and a quick and simple edit session to finish off. We're a long way from that point, but before we get there we'll need better ways to identify areas with changes and to manage checking their status.

All-in-all a more satisfying mapping experience than last time I was in Oakham: the weather was nicer too.

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