Saturday 10 January 2015

New Year footpath mapping with Mappa Mercia near the Fauld Crater

My first countryside excursion of 2014 was to investigate a man-made hole. For 2015 I choose a different bigger hole which I've meant to visit for a long time: the Fauld Crater. What was different this year is that we made it an OpenStreetMap mapping and social event!

OSM Mappers near Fauld Gypsum Works
Mapping footpaths for OpenStreetMap near the Fauld Crater, East Staffordshire
I'd mentioned at our last pub meeting of the year that I fancied doing some footpath mapping between Christmas & the New Year. Coincidentally Rob Nickerson of Mappa Mercia asked if we were organising anything after Christmas. So the idea of 2 or 3 of us getting together grew to the notion of linking up with Mappa Mercia. So in the end the meeting had quite a diverse set of goals:
  • Do some mapping together
  • Walk and map unmapped footpaths
  • An excuse for a post-Christmas walk
  • Link up socially with Mappa Mercia
  • Initiate another type of OSM activity in the (East) Midlands