Friday 14 January 2011


I alluded earlier to two sites I surveyed last week where buildings have disappeared since the Bing imagery was taken. Both are also still shown on OS StreetView, and other OS sourced maps. Finding such places always makes the effort involved in ground survey, worth while.

Rosecroft Court

A fairly rare type of inter-war housing in Nottingham. They consisted of 12 dwellings in a block with 6 entrances on each side of the block. I have never worked out if they are maisonettes or back-to-backs. There are still a few scattered around the city. No doubt small and difficult to let. Note the jump in house numbering around the missing buildings.

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Rosecroft Court : 1178a

Rosecroft Court : 1174a

Hawyard School

A comprehensive school built, at least in part, on former railway land. Falling rolls led to its closure. Demolished to reduce any additional vandalism.

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Hayward School site : 1332a

Hayward School site : 1127a

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