Monday 10 January 2011

I've been guerilla mapped!

Post Box NG8 242 : 1300aLivingwithDragons gave a talk at SotM 2010 on guerilla mapping, and in November he came to Nottingham for WhereCampUK. I knew he'd been doing some mapping at the time, but today I noticed a post box right in my local patch on my garmin which I couldn't remember mapping. I had to go and check lo and behold, there was a new post box, mapped by Gregory. It's been on OSM since December 3, and I'd not noticed it, either on the ground or on the map. THE SHAME.

This post box must be quite new, it's not on Matthew Somerville's list, and I haven't seen this precise shape before. Is it the first post-FOI request postbox on OSM?

1 comment:

  1. It didn't look so shiny and new when I mapped it in the mist. It shows it's worthwhile all of us OSM-ers keeping our mapping eyes open - things change!


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